Saturday, September 09, 2006

Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetes Walk Socks

Karen's Sugar-Free Diabetes Walk Socks is an easily knit cabled sock from KnittinMom in sportweight yarn for size 3 needles (or thereabouts). Information on ordering the pattern plus a picture of the completed sock are also in the sidebar. Proceeds from the sale of the pattern will aid in the fight against diabetes.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yankee Stadium

We went to Yankee Stadium yesterday to see the Twins play the Yankees. Our tickets weren't as good as the tickets we had to the Mets game, but they were nice. We sat in the loge section behind right field -- in the first row. The game started on time despite rain from what was left of Ernesto. It tried to rain several times before the bottom of the 8th inning when it started raining hard enough to first delay the game and then have it called on account of rain.
Rules have changed since I looked at them last. The official score for the game was 6-1 with the Twins scoring 4 of those runs in the top of the 8th inning. The Yankees were only able to have one batter in the bottom of the 8th before the rains came. Back when I knew, or at least knew quite a bit about the rules of the game, the final score would have reverted back to the score at the end of the 7th which was 2-1. But the official MLB site has the official score at 6-1. I wonder why the change was made.
On the way back to New Jersey, we decided to avoid traffic. (Yes, there was traffic even after the 40 minutes of rain delay before the game was called.) So, we went down through Manhattan by crossing the Harlem River and then going along the Hudson River. We passed by the USS Intrepid. It was very impressive.
The mountain picture is of Will Roger's Shrine on Cheyenne Mountain. Cheyenne Mountain, some people might know is the home of SGC. ;) My sister and I were driving along the Gold Camp Road west of Colorado Springs when we stopped to take the picture. We were lucky at the timing because we also got to hear the chimes from the Shrine -- which we hadn't heard in years. The Gold Camp Road originally connected the gold mines and miners of Cripple Creek and Victor with Colorado Springs and places to spend the gold the miners had accumulated. It's still gravel, 1-1/2 lanes in most places with some fantastic scenery.