Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a garden!

We have a garden now. It's the first time in quite a few years that I've had a place to grow vegetables. In fact, it's my first real garden since we left NC.

We had a nice garden in NC. In the spring, we grew broccoli. In the summer, we grew tomatoes, strawberries, beans, cucumbers, potatoes, and even okra. I never had any success in Ohio. And, after that, the only things I grew were herbs.

Now, I have a raised garden -- built by the people who take care of our lawn. They designed it to be in the shape of a leaf. The base of the leaf is to the right. It has Brussel sprouts and broccoli in it now (plus snapdragons and Dianthus). I've seeded some lettuce and radishes, as well. Later we'll add tomatoes and hot peppers.

edited: When they became available in the local stores, I planted peppers (1 habanaro and 1 jalapeño) and tomatoes (1 Husky cherry, 1 Better Boy, and 2 Roma).

They also fixed the drainage problem in the back of the yard. During heavy rains and snow melts, we had a little stream running through the yard. They put in an underground drainage system and then reseeded. So, finally, we'll have a lawn back there instead of a swampy area.

The replacement Filbert nut trees from Arbor Day are doing well. They're starting to leaf out.

It's been a beautiful spring here. We've even had a few 80 degree days to melt all the snow away.

almost forgot.... We bought a Red Haven peach tree this spring. (Last year we bought a Winesap apple tree.) We also bought a raspberry bush and a blackberry bush. We may "have" to buy a blueberry bush. I think the one we bought last year didn't make it through last summer.

I enjoyed the small (6-tree) apple orchard that came with the house we rented in Lidingö. I wish I knew what variety they were. But, the one Winesap apple we got last year was even tastier.

Fruit and vegetables (except for bell peppers) are so much better when home grown. Plus I enjoy growing things.