Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Socks, socks, socks

Here's a list of the socks I've made since my first sock back in January of 2006 -- with links to blog entries.

my patterns:
  • The first pair I ever knitted are here and here. They're also the best fitting pair.
  • A pair of feather lace socks, done toe-up, are here, here, and here.
Sockamaniac patterns from the Sockamaniac Yahoo! group:
  • Ribbed socks w a twist, using a couple Sockamaniac mystery patterns by Gail Dennis, are pictured here and here.
  • Fire on the Mountain, a Sockamaniac pattern by Char, is here.
  • Orbit socks, another Sockamaniac pattern by Char, is one that must have been posted somewhere other than this blog. So, here's a picture to the right.
Cookie's patterns:
MintyFresh patterns:
Other patterns:
And last, but not least, some patterns I test knitted. I didn't blog about the socks while knitting for obvious reasons. The links below are links to purchase.

Chrissy Gardiner patterns:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

July summary

I got quite a bit finished in the last week. And, so, there are a lot of pictures this time.

First of all comes Casablanca. Sometimes, I make more work for myself than necessary. I start with an idea -- the idea in this case being that I had some KP Palette that I wanted to use and this would be a nice project for it. But, the project was designed for lace weight yarn, and so I decided to do the shawl over fewer stitches. That wasn't too hard to figure out. Then I decided that the second motif in the pattern looked like a spider web, and so I left it off and made the first motif bigger. So, here's a pic of an altered Casablanca, Clues 1 & 3.

Both dishcloths this month are lovely. To the left is the mid-month one, Summer Breeze, in Peaches & Creme fairy tale and size 7 needles. I did one more pattern repeat that called for in order to make it more nearly square.

Here is the first dishcloth of the month from the monthly dishcloth KAL in Peaches & Creme teal and size 6 needles.

The summer sweater, Lacy Rib, in KP Cotlin is finished. I'm glad that I redid it. It's so much nicer to wear now.

I have another sweater on the needles. I'm starting a sweater that has an i-cord cast on, and I wasn't completely happy with what I found on-line. And so I made up another way to do an i-cord cast on. It works great, if I do say so myself. It still needs work on the last stitch to be cast on to make the edges look similar.

Finally, the internet is great! The pilot light on our hot water heater went out. Finally, after about half a day, we decided to look online. There was a video on how to light a pilot light.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Sweater

Believe it or not .... I haven't worked on any lace shawl projects for a while now. In fact, at this moment, I have only one project on the needles -- the sweater at the right. It's made of KP CotLin on size 5 circs. It's from one of Chrissy Gardiner's patterns, Lacy Rib. I'm making it from the top down because of gauge problems mentioned in my last post. (It was worth redoing. I love CotLin, the color Moroccan Red and also the lace borders.)

The main reason I'm knitting it from the top down is that I like to knit from the top down. Plus, I wear a petite sizing and so have to adjust most every sweater pattern I try. Starting from the top down is the easiest way for me to accomplish the adjustments.

Of course, the "only one thing on the needles" is about to change. The Monthly Dishcloth group is starting its July KAL.

This is why I don't get many socks finished. I started this pattern (my own pattern) about a year ago. Several friends thought it looked more like a pattern for a men's sock. So, I let it sit for awhile. I really like the pattern, but it is more of a man's pattern. Now I'm going to frog the sock, use the yarn to make a different sock (to be determined later), and use some gray KP Essential yarn to make a pair of socks in this pattern for my DH.

By the way, I'm still planning on casting on for Casablanca, but I haven't re watched the movie yet. Plus I'd like to knit it with KP Palette but am not sure if I want a shawl that big.

Finally, here is the result of my latest crochet project, Pleiades by Jennifer Benson. It's also available on Ravelry. I test-crocheted the shawl. .... I chose this picture to post more because of the cute cat than the shawl. But, you can see how nicely it drapes and how comfortable it is. ;)