Friday, July 08, 2016

Maskenball almost finished

My daughter bought me some skeins of yarn when she was in Iceland over a year ago. It's lamb's wool, hand-dyed using plant dyes, from Hespa Dye Studio, Iceland. I love the yarn and the colors. My cats love it as well. It took me a while before deciding what pattern to use with the yarn. I finally decided on Maskenball in Venedig by Monika Eckert - a pattern I'd been meaning to make for years. (Monika is my favorite lace-shawl designer.) I decided to make a shawl with 5 sections/cake slices - and end when I ran out of yarn. I'm almost out of yarn in the middle of Clue 3. But, the shawl is a nice length. I love how it turned out.