Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I feel old now.  As of this month, I'm officially old.  June was a cloudiest June in record as well.  And, I like sunny days (with, of course, some rainy days in between to make things interesting).

We have a new refrigerator.  I guess it's our anniversary gift to ourselves.  It's a Samsung.  I'm just glad that it keeps food cold and doesn't leak from the water dispenser tubes.  It's also helping me finally learn left from right.  I don't know why, but I've never had a good handle on this left-right thing.  I don't get confused in German, Spanish, French, or Latin, but I do get them backwards in English and Swedish a lot of the time.  I left the stickers on the fridge handles with the L and R on them.  lol  I did wonder once why the L was on the right-hand side, though.

I made my first tam!  I followed Alice Starmore's direction for designing a tam.  This is the top - which looks an awful like a stargate.

Here's another view (modeled by a small-sized soccer ball):
I've finished all 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire books.  My oldest son got me hooked on the books and the tv series.  My other son got me hooked on David Weber's Honor Harrington books.  A new book, a prequel to the series, came out, and I read it along with him since it was co-authored by Zahn (a favorite author of mine because of his Star Wars books).  I liked the book and then started reading from my son's collection of Honor Harrington books.