Tuesday, January 20, 2015


One of the things we got for Christmas was a Game of Thrones jigsaw puzzle.  It was harder than we thought it would be.  Granted we hadn't done any large puzzles for years, but....   Usually, when one gets a piece in and confirms it with a couple more pieces, it's where it should go.  Not in this puzzle.  Some days toward the end, we took out more pieces than we put in. My DS2 shown a flashlight down at the pieces to check fit. Here is the puzzle in progress:
And, here is the final version, with the second layer added plus a third layer of castles:
I've been working on getting the Geek-along squares joined. I'm working on my third row of squares now. I'm using the "official" join. However, I slipped stitched along the edge instead of picking up sts along the edge in order to make the join look smoother. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get all 24 squares joined together by the end of the month.  But, I should be able to get 12 of them joined together.  Plus I'm not sure whether or not to do 4 more squares and have a 4 by 7 square blanket.  Here are the first 2 rows:

By the way, the Geek-along has all new squares this year - in dk rather than worsted weight yarn. I'm still working on a knitted cabled pullover and a Tunisian crochet pullover. I'll post pics next month.