Thursday, May 17, 2007


The project for the Yahoo! Project of the Month KAL is a shawl. Actually, it's the project for both May and June. I'm making a wave and shell shawl with Homespun Prairie yarn. I don't know why, but I'm having no problems knitting with it. I probably should be using a needle larger than the size 10 one I'm using. But, I had the needle from some project that I never even started and wanted to use it for something.

Also, I've posted an easy-to-make pullover pattern on my other knitting blog. It's a knit-from-the-bottom and seam-up-the-sides-and-top pullover. In writing and rewriting the pattern, I've gotten the urge to make it again -- especially since the pattern as it now stands is so much better than the one I originally used. But, I've got a couple of sweaters to knit before buying yarn for this one. I debated (and am still debating) on whether it would be better to have a slip-stitch edging or a knit-stitch edging (knit at the beginning and end of every right-side and wrong-side row). I opted for the knit-stitch one (since I saw on one episode of Knitty Gritty how easy it was to sew up seams with that king of edging). Then I thought about how to pick up stitches with a knit-stitch edging. So, I picked up stitches off of one of my dishcloths and liked the look.

So, my next philosophical question is why haven't I found any sock patterns in which the heel flap doesn't have a slip-stitch edge. It seems to me that a knitted edge would give an edge that is just as easy to pick up stitches from. (Pick up a stitches between bumps.) Plus, it might lie flatter and be less likely to leave gaps. I haven't tried it yet. But I most likely will on my next pair of socks.

Finally, I've started knitting the mid-May KAL dishcloth. I started over on it because it's one of the times that, to me, variations of the ssk won't do. It's looks so much better with slip 1 knitwise, slip 1 knitwise, knit the stitches together through back loop.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. All three children called to wish me a happy day. It was really nice hearing from them. My oldest and my DH both sent/got me flowers.

My DH and I also went to a soccer game at Giant's Stadium. Evidently, there were over 7,00 people there, but it doesn't look like it. We got to see, Angel, a player that we'd watched quite a few times on British tv. This was his first game playing for a MLS team. Angel and Mathis are in white near the top of the box.

I've finished my Baudelaire socks. I'll post a picture of them on the SAM3 KAL page later. I've finished half the body for my next sweater in Patons Merino. The yarn is really soft. It behaves like I thought 100% wool would in its springiness, but it doesn't behave like I thought it would shrinkwise. Since I'm surprised its lack of shrinking, I've soaked it a couple or more times on the needles already, wrapped it in a towel, and then blocked it. It still hasn't shrunk. And I'm still getting 4 sts and 6 rows per inch.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sandy Hook

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in New Jersey. So, my DH said let's go for a drive and that I should pick out a place to go. So, I used mapquest and entered "beach" as my intended destination. After looking at the list of possibilities, I entered a state, NJ. On page 2 of the possible destinations, there was a beach that looked interesting and fairly near. So, I printed off directions.

A road trip wouldn't be a road trip without me getting lost. So, when US 9 and NJ 36 divided, I told my DH to follow US 9. I hadn't gotten to the NJ 36 part of the directions yet -- although evidently the car had. Then quite a few miles later, probably about a third of the way to Atlantic City, I told my DH that he should start looking for NJ 36. He said we'd passed it quite a while back. So, I looked at a NJ map, we turned toward the coast, and started going north on NJ 36. It's before Memorial Day and so we were able to visit Sandy Hook for free. We got to see seagulls! Seagulls are in the foreground of the picture and NYC is barely visible in the distance on the horizon.

We traveled all the way to almost the northernmost part of Sandy Hook. There are battlements there that were constructed during the War of 1812 to protect the NYC harbor and the entrance to the Hudson River. It was surprising to me that the lighthouse was so far from the shore. But, it's a nice looking lighthouse. And, even with the getting lost part, it wasn't too bad of a drive. Plus, it was nice to see the ocean and seagulls. (I miss the seagulls we used to have in our back garden in Broadstairs.)

As to knitting, I'm halfway done with my second Baudelaire sock. I've finished the May KAL dishcloth (of a daffodil in bloom). And I've restarted the sweater I've been working on. -- Paton's Merino Wool doesn't shrink much, if at all. It's also fairly stretchy. But, so far it's holding its shape and feels soft. So far, it's working out to 4 sts and 6 rows per inch for me with size 7 needles -- my usual for worsted weight yarn.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sweater 4

Finally, it's finished -- just in time for the warm weather we're having now. :) This is the last sweater for quite some while that I'm going to make on size 3 needles. But, at least, I've finally found a pattern for this yarn and have used up some of my stash. The yarn is Robin Double Knit, which I purchased at a post office when we were living in Kent. It's knit from the top down. The neck is garter stitch in first red, then a knit and then a purl round of the main color, then a knit and then a purl round of red again. The basket-weave stitch itself is k4, p4 for 8 rounds then p4, k4 for another 8 rounds. The sleeves are finished with 4 rounds of garter stitch in red (starting with a knit round), then a knit round in the main color, followed by a set-up round and then by k1, p1 ribbing. The bottom of the garment is finished off the same way (except for the change in color -- no need to emphasize the hips). I made double decreases every 16th round on the sleeves and also decreased evenly around before both the garter stitch and ribbing finishing. (To decrease for the ribbing, I did k1, p1, k1, p2tog for the sleeves. For the garment, *k1, p1* 4 times, k1, p2tog. Next time, I do ribbing I'll replace the k1's by slip sts in this set-up round.)

For the next sweater, I'm going to make a simple top-down boat-neck short-sleeve raglan in Patons Merino denim with size 7 needles. I've never knit with this yarn before. So, it will be a bit of an adventure. To make it more exciting, I'm not going to swatch. Instead, I've knit 4 rounds of the neckline and washed it while it was still on the needles. (So, I guess I really am doing a swatch.) I'm going to let it dry and then see whether or not I'll have to frog and reknit in order to get it over my head. I've made this pattern a couple of times in acrylic. It's a basic try-on-as-you-go pattern.

My DS is now back in London. His flight left last night. We had a really nice visit. The cats miss him, as does the rest of the family. I hope he'll wear the socks I knit for him around the flat. They're Thuja socks in Sassy Stripes and size 3 needles.

Now, I'm on to getting the second Baudelaire sock finished. To finish the first, I bought my first set of cable needles. I had been using DPs for cabling but didn't have any small enough.