Friday, September 16, 2011

Four socks

I'm happy.  I've accomplished one of the goals I had for the year -- to design 4 socks, one for each season. And, it turned out that all I had to do to get the last of the four done was to wait until it was almost autumn. The first of these is a pair of Christmas socks. They feature fir trees and icicles/sleigh bells and candy canes.  I made it for my DH as a Christmas present.
Christmastime socks
The hardest part of the socks was figuring out a way to get candy canes that looked halfway nice. I redid the back a few times until deciding to try various ideas out on a dishcloth. Here's the dishcloth:
Candy Cane dishcloth
The spring and summer socks came along pretty quickly. Here are the spring socks (with snowdrops on the front and a tulip cable on the back):
Snowdrops socks
Here are the summer socks (with a rose trellis on front and an iris cable in back);
Rose Trellis socks
The hardest one was fall. I tried acorns, oak trees, sheaves of grain. But, they just didn't look right. Finally, I tried cornstalks, as they would look after the first frost.  (The idea for the picot cuff came from a lady from the Lilac Cottage knitting group.)
Cornstalk socks
All the socks are toe up. Three have a yo-yo heel, and the fourth a Widdershins heel.

After sitting out the previous edition of Nerd Wars on Ravelry, I've decided to get involved again in the competition (which starts this next month).  I'm hoping to be on Team Enterprise again.

Finally, I'm still inundated with cucumbers from the garden.  I tried making bread rolls using chopped cucumbers and green onions.  My DH liked them, but I didn't.  The best I've managed to do is pickle them.