Saturday, September 25, 2010

Destiny Fair Isle hat

Since the new season of StarGate Universe is about to begin, I thought I'd design a hat with the 9-chevron address to Destiny. It also has the word "Destiny" in Alteran. Here is a picture of the star at the top of the hat. And, here's a link to a side view of the hat.

I'd designed a hat with a couple addresses from Stargate SG-1 in March 2009 -- using the glyphs and addresses from as a guide. The new hat is a lot like the previous one but with a few changes, including a different star on top -- which took a while to design.

Getting the address and glyphs for Destiny required a little research. First of all, I rewatched "Air". Then I looked at the Stargate Wiki for the full address. Unfortunately, the first glyph, Libra, looked slightly different in "Air" than in the wiki. (After deciding to use the one from the episode, I "needed" to watch some SG-1 episodes to check out the other glyphs. "Prisoners" had the best selection of glyphs -- which meant comparing the addresses in "Prisoners" to the addresses from the Stargate Wiki to get the final version of the hat.)