Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nerd Wars - October

I'm officially participating in Nerd Wars 3. Here's my favorite project so far, a Spock hat:

Spock hat

It's modeled by my DS2. And, you may notice that my son has his left eyebrow raised -- just as Spock often did.  The black hat itself is the "hairline".

edited to add:  The hat was a hit as my DS2 helped hand out Halloween candy.  Several kids commented on the great werewolf ears.

I've also designed and knit a dishcloth representing a trans warp human, knit a Guinan hat (which I've donated as a chemo hat), and knit a 47"-long scarf.  I'm also almost finished with a tank top, B-licious.  Then all that's left to do is a colorwork project -- a hat and mittens to donate to a local school.

trans warp (ST:VOY) dishcloth

(The dishcloth may look more like a possum than a trans warp human.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

fall trees

The street in front of the house looks particularly nice this fall. And so, I decided to share a picture of it. (Also, I've posted so many pics of snow around the house that I thought it might be good to post a pic with no snow.)
fall trees
We're getting our basement finished. Here's a picture of the basement with some of the framing done. And, you'll notice that's it pretty much empty except for the pool table that came with the house -- and for the part in the shadows that won't be refinished. They started work on Friday, September 30th. The first day was just to mark where walls would be and to start building the soffits. This picture is after they finished work on the next Monday. You can see where the walls will be. (More pics of the construction are here.)