Sunday, November 20, 2016


Maskenball was finished a few months back.  Here it is:
We went to the Renaissance Fair in Bristol, Wisconsin on the Saturday before Labor Day.  It was fun.  Here's one of the rides there.  (We didn't go on any of the rides.)  We did look at the shops there (and bought an ocarina).  There was entertainment including jousting. 
Here is one of the presents we got for our kitties to celebrate the anniversary of their coming to live with us.  It's a spider plant.  We got it because we know cats love spider plants and also as a diversion because one of the cats likes to chew on cords.  This picture was taken right after we got it.  The plant's location now is under the Yankee table.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Maskenball almost finished

My daughter bought me some skeins of yarn when she was in Iceland over a year ago. It's lamb's wool, hand-dyed using plant dyes, from Hespa Dye Studio, Iceland. I love the yarn and the colors. My cats love it as well. It took me a while before deciding what pattern to use with the yarn. I finally decided on Maskenball in Venedig by Monika Eckert - a pattern I'd been meaning to make for years. (Monika is my favorite lace-shawl designer.) I decided to make a shawl with 5 sections/cake slices - and end when I ran out of yarn. I'm almost out of yarn in the middle of Clue 3. But, the shawl is a nice length. I love how it turned out.

Monday, March 14, 2016


It looks like last month's wind storm did more damage than we'd thought.  We took the kitties outside during the wind storm to show them that it was just wind - nothing scary - and saw that the wind had about taken off a large branch in back of the house.  It's hanging form the tree in the center of the picture.

Then today, we were looking around in front of the house and saw there was even worse damage.  A big tree in the front yard had almost lost 2 large branches.

On a happier note:  Happy pi day!  We made a chocolate meringue pie to celebrate the day.  Last month, I made a cherry pie to celebrate Washington's birthday.  I need to start making more pies.  We still have quite a few peaches to do something with.

I finished a new sweater for my DS2 for his recent birthday.  It's in Woolspun.

And, I'm no longer sure that thing's come in 3s as my MIL often said.  My DS2 stepped through the wood heating vent in the kitchen floor.  He didn't get hurt.  I was sitting down on a chair in the kitchen when a front leg came off.  I didn't get hurt, but we're going to get a new kitchen table and chairs.  (It's kind of sad to get rid of our old set.  We'd had them about 30 years, and they'd been with us on many moves.)  Our furnace stopped working, and we had to get a new one.  It was only just over a day that we were without heat.  But, I forgot about the trees.  Maybe they belong to another group of 3.