Thursday, April 16, 2009

Filbert nut trees

I received my filbert nut (aka hazelnut) seedlings from Arbor Day earlier this week and planted them yesterday. The trees are just babies. Two of the three still have a half nut attached. But, from past experience with Arbor Day, the trees will do just fine. (I got some lilacs last year.)

I'm getting caught up on some old knitting. After deciding that Estes Park (SotS3) wouldn't work as a curtain in wool (Though, I may try it in cotton.), I restarted the shawl and added beads. And since I was restarting the stole, I decided to make it more even (a la Monk). So, this is the result so far. It has size 8 beads with it (which are difficult to find around here.) I'm now using Knit Picks lace-weight bare (with size 4 needles). White just goes better with snowflakes and drifts. The first try at the shawl was in a brown heather.

I'm still also working on the kitchen curtain and the placemat/kitchen towel/runner. (I can't decided what to make.) My latest thought is to make a short runner and placemats to match. I'm almost done with the first of 2 panels for the curtain and now just have to figure out how to attach the curtain to a rod.

Another project is another shawl -- this one knit with size 6 needles and Noro Kureyon Sock (S95). I bought one skein of the yarn while visiting London. Then I started the shawl and discovered that I needed another skein (which I then ordered on ebay). It's hard to believe that the 2 skeins are the same color, but they are. I just haven't gotten to the bright part of the skein from England. The brighter-looking skein is the one I got from ebay in the US.

Friday, April 03, 2009


The shawl that I started Christmas Eve (a design from Moni) is now finished. It was hibernating while I knit socks.

I worked it to Clue 9 and Edging 9 with size 4 needles and KP Shadow sunset heather. It took fewer than 3 skeins. It's a triangular shawl -- about 36" long.

Now I can work on the KAL from Rachel's knitting room -- which I think I'll turn into a kitchen towel. Though, it would make a lovely runner .... and placemats to match would look great (as a friend told me).

I've also restarted Nautical Knitter's Secret of the Stole 3 (Estes Park). A few months ago I decided that I wouldn't care for a curtain made from KP Shadow (or any other wool yarn). I'd much prefer mercerized cotton. Plus the brown color I was using wouldn't look good in the kitchen. But, I like the pattern and so I'm restarting it with the first few rows changed to make a smoother edge.

a late St Patrick's Day post

A few weeks late, here are some pictures from our visit to Chicago on March 14th. The Chicago River was dyed green that morning. And here are my DD, DS2, and DH gazing at the river downtown. (We actually got out of the car this time.)

It was also π (pi) - day. And our car (the G-6) turned π times a power of 10 as well.

On our way home (near downtown), we passed by this sign for Route 66 -- which I just had to take a picture of.