Tuesday, March 31, 2015


We went to Wrigleyville last Saturday and don't see how Wrigley Field will be ready for the Cubs season opener on Sunday, April 5th, - just over a week from when this picture was taken:
The field itself looks nice, but there is a lot of construction still going on.
Evidently, the winter (even though it wasn't as bad as the one last year) was worse than they had planned on. Even the large video screen, that is being built before the bleacher seats are, doesn't look like it will be ready to go by opening day.  But, it will succeed in blocking views from the roof tops on that side of the ballpark.

Most of the snow has melted around here.  All that's left are remnants of what had been piled up to clear the streets.  Our daffodils aren't blooming but are up - as are the tulips.

There must be a fair number of coyotes in the area.  I hear them howling just about every night around midnight.  They don't howl for too long, but it is an eerie sound.  I'm ambivalent about the coyotes.  They did get rid of most of our chipmunks who were burrowing under different things and eating out of my vegetable garden.

I'm not going to plant vegetables this year - except for perhaps a hot pepper plant in a planter.  The vegetables in my garden did poorly last year.  So, I'll be planting just flowers and herbs there.

I've finally finished a pullover that I'd been working on for quite a while.  (I hate to finish things - possibly because I don't want to have nothing to do.)  I've worn it a few times.
I'm not participating in the Geek-along this year.  I still haven't finished the blanket from last year, and I don't recognize most of the panels for this year.  Instead, I'm going to try to knit 12 sweaters this year.