Monday, March 26, 2007

My First Tribble

While looking through posts for the monthly dishcloth Yahoo! group, I saw a link for a Tribble Scrubbby. It looked easy to do and would use up left-over cotton yarn. And it was and did. I used another type of increase than the kfb and also did something akin to a 3-needle bind off to bind off and attach the 2 ends at the same time. I haven't used it for its intended purpose yet. It's too pretty. The two pics are the finished product and the scrubby before the bind off.

I've also finished the March Monkey socks that I'd been working on. A picture is here.

The sweater I'm working on is working out nicely. It's a top-down raglan. I've gotten to the bottom "hem", which, right now, is in moss stitch. And, I've detached the red ball of yarn that was used on the neckline. In other words, I like the way the sweater is turning out well enough to make the step of detaching yarn.

And, finally, since I'm intrigued by lace at the moment, I'm trying to knit a curtain for my DDs bathroom here to replace the Venetian blinds that are there now. I'm not ready to post a picture yet since I'd hate to post a picture of something that may be frogged at any minute.

In other news, my DS1 has a car now. (He had been walking to work -- a 20 minute walk, and still may be.) But, it was probably time for him to get a car. He lives in California and works at a car dealership.
My DD has a summer internship.
And I just received my last issue of the Atlantic! Before it changed its name, it had really interesting articles. But now it has articles that one can find just about anywhere.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sweater 3

I'm one of those people who do not have "second sock syndrome". In fact, when I finish a sock, I can't wait to work on the second one to see whether it will turn out the same (ie, to check reproducibility). The same is true for sweaters. So, here is sweater #3 for the Sweater KAL. It's the almost the same as my second sweater except in black and with more stripes and with bell sleeves.

The other picture is from the dishcloth KAL. It's supposedly a bunny. My best guess is that the picture is right side up here and that the bunny is facing away so that one can see its tail. It was fun to do a diagonal dishcloth.

Thanks to, I've started watching Knitty Gritty on HGTV. It's a fun show. On another tv subject, I'm disappointed that we don't get the cable station that carries the new BBC version of "Robin Hood". I'd seen an episode or two in the UK last fall and had been looking forward to seeing the series here.

Finally, despite my best intentions, I'm working on Monkey socks for my March socks. I had started them toe-up a couple of times. They didn't look quite right. Then I joined a Yahoo sock KAL so I wouldn't have to worry and/or think about which sock to choose and decided to do whatever sock was chosen for a particular month -- at least, for the time being. Well, the choice for this month is the Monkey sock. So, I'm doing my first cuff-down sock for a while and finding out that it's fun to follow a pattern almost exactly for a change.