Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I'm trying to post at least once a month this year. Here's the snow we got on the first of February. The pic was taken the next day, but there is still about a foot on the ground - much more where it had been piled up to clear paths and the road.
I didn't get the double knit blanket seamed together, but I did get a lace hotpad/doily crocheted. I found the one this was based on while emptying a box.
And, I also got a couple hats done (for the successor to NerdWars on Ravelry). Here's my snowflake hat - done in mosaic knitting:
To change the subject.... The soap dispenser in the kitchen seems to be working now. I've learned more about soap dispensers than I ever wanted to know. I've reassembled it a few times and cut the long tubing to make it shorter. I'm not using the small bottle that came with it but rather a large bottle from the store that I set under the sink.