Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It seems as if I'm just getting around to one post per month now. Here's the summary for November.

Before my DD went back to London, we (my DH, DD, DS2, and I) went to see the latest James Bond film. I was amazed. The movie didn't follow the glamorous spy themes of the other James Bond movies I'd seen. (I hadn't seen the previous one.) It had a compelling storyline and was much more realistic than the other ones I'd seen. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

I sent back a scarf with her plus a hat I test knitted for Amy plus a pair of socks I test knit for Chrissy. Here is a picture of the scarf.

I also went to the trouble of adding the scarf pattern to Ravelry. This is about the only scarf pattern I make -- basically because I like it so much. It really looks good in Patons Classic Wool Merino Palais (and size 8 needles) -- if I do say so myself.

My DD is really good at getting me to finish projects before starting new ones.

I've restarted Casablanca again. Actually, I frogged down to about the 10th row -- after finishing over 3/4 of the shawl. It decided it was too long for me. Of course, I had been working it in a fingering weight yarn instead of a lace weight one. So, that may have been part, if not most, of the problem. I'm just over half done now.

I've finished one sleeve of the sweater for DS2. I'm getting more time to work on it now that the cat that had been using it as a blanket has moved on to a different part of the living room. He tried it on the last time he was home from university. I was surprised at how good it looked. I had used the yarn initially as a throw/shawl. I didn't like the looks of it.

So, after the announcement that SGA had been cancelled, I frogged the whole thing and started on a pullover for DS2. I started it out the first time with a v neck -- which didn't look good on him. Then I tried a regular crew neck. That was better but still not quite right. Finally, I ended up with a tight crew neck -- which does look good on him. It's made from Lion Brand Homespun Prairie and size 10 needles. He's going to try it on when he comes home for Thanksgiving to check the sleeve length.

I'm starting work on a cardigan for my mom -- loosely based on the February Lady Sweater. The cardigan she wears most of the time is on its last legs. ... I just have to figure out how to add pockets to the cardigan. I'm making it with Wool-Ease Wheat and size 8 needles (and no buttons).

I'm working on a MMario design, Hippo Birdies -- in KP Palette Fawn (which I mistakenly bought when I wanted KP Palette Nutmeg to finish up Casablanca).

I'm also looking forward to a new KAL from one of my favorite shawl designers, Moni, who is starting a KAL on Christmas Eve. -- as a "Christmas present".

Lastly, I've decided to move my crochet tutorial from the Bits and Bobs blog to a new blog, one that I have some control over. I was the only one contributing to the blog for several months now, but I didn't have any administrative authority over the blog. It will take a while. Until then, I'll still be posting to the Bits and Bobs blog.

I almost forgot to add the most exciting news of all. I'm going to get one of my sock patterns published!!!!