Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tunisian crochet

I'm starting to learn how to do Tunisian crochet in order to be able to crochet this yoked pullover, Cubistic, designed by Patrick Hassel-Zein.  I've only gotten this far on the sweater:

 Since this is completely new to me, I first started reading up on the subject and doing a few small projects.  My first completed project is these slippers from Dora Ohrenstein's book The New Tunisian Crochet:
My second - fourth projects are some scarves (to donate), designed by Amy Depew.  I got rid of some Homespun yarn and am working on getting rid of some Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Classic.

Each of the two first scarves took a full skein of yarn.  I'm going to see how many scarves I can get out of the other skein of yarn.

Nerd Wars has been resurrected in the forms of Nerdopolis (points kept) and Nerd Wars (with no points kept).

My garden was a disaster this year.  Things just didn't grow.  Next year I'm going to plant flowers (mostly marigolds) there.  I think there were moths and other insects that had settled into the garden.  Marigolds might be the ticket for discouraging them from staying there longer.  On the other hand, I should be getting some nice asparagus next spring.  The stalks were almost harvest size this past spring.  :)

We got a dusting of snow on Halloween and now have more than a dusting of snow on the ground - but nothing like they got farther west.