Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Socks, socks, socks

Here's a list of the socks I've made since my first sock back in January of 2006 -- with links to blog entries.

my patterns:
  • The first pair I ever knitted are here and here. They're also the best fitting pair.
  • A pair of feather lace socks, done toe-up, are here, here, and here.
Sockamaniac patterns from the Sockamaniac Yahoo! group:
  • Ribbed socks w a twist, using a couple Sockamaniac mystery patterns by Gail Dennis, are pictured here and here.
  • Fire on the Mountain, a Sockamaniac pattern by Char, is here.
  • Orbit socks, another Sockamaniac pattern by Char, is one that must have been posted somewhere other than this blog. So, here's a picture to the right.
Cookie's patterns:
MintyFresh patterns:
Other patterns:
And last, but not least, some patterns I test knitted. I didn't blog about the socks while knitting for obvious reasons. The links below are links to purchase.

Chrissy Gardiner patterns:

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