Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We got about a foot's worth of snow here (north of Chicago) yesterday. A large February snow is unusual for Chicago. It took my DH a couple of hours to use our snowblower to clear the driveway and walks last night. That's the trouble with living in a corner lot.

The streets, even the side streets, have been cleared by the city. They didn't start clearing the side streets until late last night.

It's the first major snowfall in about a month. We've been getting less snow than usual this season. I figure that the president took the snow we should be getting with him to his new address. ;)

Evidently, there was an earthquake west of Chicago early this morning (around 4 am). We didn't feel a thing. Of course, I can sleep through anything. However, nothing seems to have moved in the house.

On the wildlife front, I had to laugh after the last snowfall we had. There was a squirrel trying to jump on top of the railing on the deck. He couldn't make it because there was about 6" of snow on top of the railing. A few days before, we saw a couple of foxes walking across the back yard. They were beautiful -- and looked well fed.

I have 3 patterns for sale now at Knit Picks. To the right is one of them -- Feather Lace. It's the second sock I ever designed. The first one was just a basic sock. Both were created because I have trouble finding socks to fit my narrow feet and high arches. Another one is Crossing Paths. Both are in multiple widths from small to large. And finally, there is a pair of socks that I made for my DH for Christmas -- Mock Argyle.