Saturday, June 30, 2012


The garden is really growing but isn't producing much.   The broccoli has stopped producing for the summer.  The weather is just too hot now for it to.  But, I have hopes for more broccoli this fall.  One of the pepper plants has started producing.  But, neither the jalapeƱo or bell peppers have started to do anything yet.  The tomatoes are starting to remind me of a horror movie.  (They're really taking over.)  But, they don't have any tomatoes on them yet.  However, we have gotten some peas!  (I think the wrong kind of fertilizer was used -- one for vegetative growth instead of flower production.  I've planted things just as close in previous years.  And while I did have plants growing over each other, they at least did produce.  But, maybe it's just too early to expect anything yet.)

vegetable garden

(We have a few peaches on the peach tree, but there aren't any apples on the apple tree.)

I've been knitting some dishcloths for a church bazaar this fall.  I wasn't sure about selling dishcloths from patterns available on the web.  So, I made up a couple patterns of my own.
The first is an acorn motif.  It turned out reversible with acorns on both sides.

acorn dishcloth

The second is a wavy one that looks like sandbars to me:

sandbar dishcloth